Monday, April 06, 2015

A Fresh Perspective

I have a love of vintage. Like, "It is a good thing I am married and have to share living space with someone else or my house would be featured on Hoarders" love of vintage. 

Especially 60's and 70's vintage- give me an avocado green anything and I am in heaven (like my favorite set of hard sided luggage found thrifting years ago). Throw in some Fisher Price buildings, vintage sheets and linens, a few embroidery get the idea- my studio is full up! So what better way to corral the clutter than by signing up for a new experience- a craft show only using recycled/upcycled, vintage, and repurposed anything. 

The great thing about taking a risk such as this is rediscovering the unbridled joy in my studio. Freed from my current line-up of patterns and products, I am challenged to find a way to put these collections to use so their history can continue in a new way in a new home.

First up, repurposing some vintage tennis rackets and calendar tea towels. 
I found a trove of vintage rackets and frames

Each tea towel will turn into several different projects

Later on- embroidery hoops, old picture frames, and a vintage cutter quilt. I can't wait to share what the results!

Old wood hoops can become so many things

Quilted cuff bracelets from a 1930's quilt

And for your calendars, if you are in the Iowa City area- Sunday, April 19th: Craft Your Environment at the East Side Recycling Center and ReStore. 

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